Who We Are

Never Enough Skateboards was founded in the early summer of 2008 of the Freestyle skateboarder Christian Heise. The idea to start a skateboard brand was based on all the various forms of skateboarding and present. For there is much more than the normal today usual street skating. Never Enough Sk8 want to give out more and expand the consciousness of many skaters. All Style Skateboarding!

Never Enough Skateboards Skateboarding stands today for creative, fun and original products with a fresh outlook for the future. In recent years, our Nesk8-Team skated many Contests, Shows and Demonstrations all over the world and was able to achieve many good results.

In our Nesk8 Online Skateshop we offer Skateboards, Hardware, Streetwear, Accessories and a lot more Equipment! Skater owned and run! True Skateboarding!
If you have interest to enjoy or Nesk8-Team, look fantastic Skateboarding or want to try our products, then meet us at the Contests, Demonstrations or send us an e-mail arrives: info@nesk8-shop.de