Old School & Cruiser Completes

Old School & Cruiser Completes

Our Old School and Cruiser Complete Boards equal tons of fun! These Skateboards represent every Style and Performance at the Skatepark, on all Ramps and even if it's just cruising down the Street. We offer you a well-assorted selection of classics and new boards in our Never Enough Online Shop. All Set Ups are directly mailed to your home already fully assembled. On your Boards, get set- Go!

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ÜBER Complete Cruiser Black is Back (MC) 8.5

89.90 *
Old price 119.90 €
You save 30.00 €
In stock

Cruiser Dusters Califonia Bird Kryptonics Green

109.90 *
Old price 159.90 €
You save 50.00 €
In stock

Cruiser Dusters California - Kosher Yellow/Purple

119.90 *
Old price 184.90 €
You save 65.00 €
plus delivery