Nesk8-Shop carries a wide selection of hardware for mounting your Skateboard, in different colors and sizes from Almost, Chocolate, Deluxe, Destructo, Element, Krooked, FKD, Grind King, Gold Wheels, Independent, Never Enough, Royal, Silver, Slave, Girl, Skull Skates, Popular, Speed Demons, Super Cush, Thunder, Momentum, Pig, Venture and many others. Here you will find the right accessories such as Bushings available in various hardnesses, Riser Pads in different heights and colors, many different Mounting Sets, Kingpins, Tools and Rails for your Skateboard. Should you need assistance for the installation, we are you with help and advice available for you.

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Riser Pads Thunder 1/8 (black)

3.90 *
In stock

Rockers Kingpin Standart 52mm

2.90 *
In stock

Skateboard Rails Pig (blue)

12.90 *
In stock

Skate Tool Silver Christian Hosoi

23.90 *
Old price 28.90 €
You save 5.00 €
In stock

Skateboard Rails Enjoi Spectrum

7.90 *
Old price 9.90 €
You save 2.00 €

Nesk8 Speed Washer

1.90 *
In stock

Riser Pads Krooked 1/8 (pink)

6.40 *
In stock

Riser Pads Independent 1/8 (black)

Temporary sold out, comes back soon!

4.90 *

Mini Logo Bushings (Green) 84A soft.

2.40 *
Old price 3.90 €
You save 1.50 €
In stock
plus delivery